Start Winter Storm Damage Repairs

2013 was a relatively mild winter for those in Chicagoland, but other areas of the Midwest and East Coast were pounded by severe weather. But no matter where you live, winter can take a toll on your home. Outside, snow … Continue reading

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Get Rid Of Snow Around Your Home For Good With Snow Melting Systems That Provide Underground Driveway Heating

It’s spring…which usually means warmer weather. But not in Chicago, where snow always seems to be right around the corner. Aren’t you tired of shoveling? Wouldn’t it be a relief to never have to plow your driveway or clear you … Continue reading

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Remodeling? Consider Accessible Remodeling With Universal Design Improvements To Help You Stay In Your Home Longer

Are you a boomer? Born between 1945 and 1960? If so, you may be wrestling with some housing issues as you age. Perhaps trekking up and down the stairs has become a challenge. Maybe you have difficulty stepping into the … Continue reading

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Remodeling for Access

When we remodel, what do we think of first, a new kitchen, a bathroom, or a family room? What we often overlook are the ways in which we can make improvements that look great, and are actually accessible, universally adaptable. … Continue reading

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10 Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

10 Simple Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Article by Ryan Wang There’s no doubt about it, summer is here and it’s going to be a beautiful one. Make sure you take advantage of nature’s good grace during … Continue reading

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Help Prevent Water Leaks

There are some steps you can take in order to help prevent a water leak, or catch it early.  -If your basement walls are exposed, carefully inspect them for cracks. While this sounds like common sense, it is very easy … Continue reading

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What you can do to “green up” your home

Dirsmith Construction offers 5 easy steps: lighting heating weatherization insulation water  

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Summer Checklist

Turn on hose bib

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Why do I need a permit to work around my own house?

A city permit is insurance that everything has been checked over and meets codes for safety. A city building inspector will look at your plans for altering or adding to your house and advise you if your project doesn’t live … Continue reading

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