GREEN - It's not easy but we can help

I would like to introduce you to a new idea, a new look, a fresh perspective. A new side to our business. Did you know there are 5-easy improvements we can make to your home that will give you a return on your investment within a few years time ? We can reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, greening-up your home. For a 1-time fee of $100, we come to your house and show you how much money you can save and when you can expect a return on your investment. the fee is applied to the work we do for you !


Here are 5-green improvements we make to unveil the hidden savings in your home:

  • Lighting changes . . . high quality, better light, lo temperature and 50,000 hour lamp life. That's 25 years of normal use !
  • Water . . . heat only the water you are using now. And I can show you how to get you a federal tax rebate.
  • Doors and windows . . . I will get you the best product, lowest discount pricing and payment terms from all the major manufacturers !
  • Kitchen and bath . . . I design, shop for you or escort you to the right supplier for the best discounts.
  • Home heating . . . not only a furnace but 100% efficient radiant heat. Every dollar we use to heat our floors goes into heating your spaces.

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